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vrt-dvd 2014



vrt-dvd 2014

Database and index for all kind of semiconductor.

more than 100.000 diodes
more than 80.000 FETs
more than 138.000 transistors
more than 18.000 thyristors
more than 140.000 integrated circuits.

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In addition to search for type, numeric part of the type, the device, the SMD CODE or the text you can search and select for parametric in the discrete semiconductors database . New park function allows to save each type in a special table with your comments.

All registered users of the software will have additional access for 1 year to the vrt (integrated circuits), tdv (transistor, FET) and ddv (diode, thyristor) online data base at

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System requirements: Min. Pentium III system, Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7/Windows 8 and a DVD drive assembly.
Multilingualgerman, english, french, spanish, portuguese, italian, turkish, russian, danish
ISBN-13: 978-3-937469-43-0
Order No.: 403-14

2 thoughts on “vrt-dvd 2014

  1. the one and only semiconductor comparision book in all the wide world. I have and work with 403-10 vesion european types (2 volumes) and american and japonese types (1 volume) of vrt comparision books and I am completely satisfied. Presently I am designing guitar pedals, and can say €96 could be a heavy price if I took no advantage of it, but I do. Can say vrt eca’s books are a tool for every electronic tecnician like me.Thank you eca for being there since 1970.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Please write more 😉
    ECA Team

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