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Semiconductor data online


System requirements:

Internet connection

Any browser-enabled operating system
Firefox chrome Internet_Explorer Opera




The ECA semiconductor database contains the technical data of over 1.Million different components such as transistors, diodes, MOSFETs, IGBTs, thyristors and ICs.
All components are divided into different databases and allow the search and selection of technical values, housing forms, type, and function.

In addition, see an SMD code on the ECA Server database, so that you can resolve the SMD markings.

There is also a semiconductor manufacturers which includes also the manufacturer logos.

We have can search stored where you also also the various semiconductor housing forms in tables.

Each user of an ECA DVD has access to the respective online databases for 1 year.

In addition, you have the opportunity to purchase a pure online access, which is available from 20 euros in the year. There also a VRT-DVD online 40 euro in the year costs, there are 3.33 euros a month or €0.10 on the day.

Direct ordering can be found here

We offer a free search service, if you do not find what times, all inquiries will be answered in our forum.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement–> contact

P.S. also if you are looking for a supplier for components, use time our semiconductor suppliers Suchscript at the same time you find suppliers in the online shop of various semiconductors.