Online Account for the diodes, transistors, thyristors and VRT-IC database valid for one year.
Similar to the vrt-dvd database, including the data from the vrt books.

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Online account for the diodes, transistors, thyristors and VRT-IC database valid for one year.

The database is similar to vrt-dvd and is special designed for semiconductor distributors, service centres, repair shops and electronic developers.

We are collecting semiconductor data since the 70th and save all the important values in our own schema.

Our staffs are constantly updating the database and improving the search and selections options.

The VRT-ONLINE account allows access

  • to the transistor database (more than 200.000 different transistors and FETs)
  • the diodes and thyristors database (more than 120.000 different types)
  • the VRT-IC database about integrated circuits
  • for the online database about Audio ICs (similar to the audio books from ECA)
  • for the online database about integrated STK and STR circuits (similar to the STK/STR books from ECA)
  • for SMD/marking code database
  • for the semiconductor package form collection

Additional you can use the free search service if you can’t find what you are searching for.
All ECA data sheets are created from electronic professionals, in a unity way and you can search for parametric too.


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