ECADATA online access for all databases


Online access to all ECA databases about electronic components, including parametric, marking code and package form searches and filters.


Semiconductor Database Subscription

Online data base for all kind of semiconductors

  • Access to all databases from ECA – over 1.000.000 different components.
  • Databases for transistors, diodes, thyristors, FETs with parametric search and various selections
  • database or all kind of integrated circuits like memories, digital (ECL,TTL, CMOS), analog, linear, opto electronic and much more
  • new databases for LED, LCD and plasma displays, inverters, connectors
  • Various searches and selections.
  • Comparison types and pin-out .
  • List of all manufacturers.
  • SMD Code tables -> SMD-Tutorial (flash)
  • Gallery with all case outline drawings.
  • Free search service, if you couldn’t find what are you searching for.
  • Download of the original data sheets in PDF format (more than 300.000), if available.
  • Download of Pspice, Hspice, Saber or IBIS Modules if available.
  • Links to different supply
  • You can add notice and links to each type

For Informations about the usage of the online database is available here.

Here a some short tutorial (flash)

How-to use the parametric search for semiconductors

Please notice we create the online accounts during our regular office time, Mo-Fr from 9 to 17:00 MET.

If you want your account now, please use this direct order link to create an online account and you will receive the login info direct after successful PayPal payment.


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