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vrt-dvd 2012 database

vrt-dvd 2012
vrt-disk 2012

vrt-dvd 2012

Database and index for all kind of semiconductor.

more than 95.000 diodes
more than 70.000 FETs
more than 135.000 transistors
more than 18.000 thyristors
more than 135.000 integrated circuits.

Available at the 28 november 2011

Updated database with many new components, like MOS-FETs, DC-DC converter, Power management ICs and IGBTs.
Improved  software GUI which allows to search for type, component number, device, marking code and text description. Additional you can select and search for different technical values like gain, VCE, ID , power dissipation or mechanical values like case outline form or pin assignment.

In addition, you can compare the technical data of various types with each other, you can set maximal and minimal limits for each technical parameter (+10%, ±10%, +20%, ..)  in this new edition 2012.

All registered users of the software will have additional access for 1 year to the vr(integrated circuits), tdv (transistor, FET) and ddv (diode, thyristor) online data base at

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System requirements: Min. Pentium III system, Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7 and a DVD drive assembly.
Multilingual: german, english, french, spanish, portuguese, italian, turkish, russian, danish
ISBN-13: 978-3-937469-41-6
Order No.: 403-12